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TheDatingDisaster.com offers an online discussion forum where users can share their humorous and embarrassing dating stories anonymously with the world. Meet new people, ask for advice from someone of the opposite sex, make a confession or just plain learn "what not to do." In the process you might just find "Mr./Ms. Right." There's no cost to post or reply to someone else's post!
About Us
The Dating Disaster is an online community which allows its users to post their humorous and amusing dating stories. Let's face it, who hasn't had a "dating disaster" they wanted to share. Sharing your story can allow you to laugh at yourself, or, get advice from the community anonymously. Also, sometimes hearing the ordeals others have endured during their dates, can make your date seem like it wasn't so bad after all. The site is based on the priciple of a community forum and is self-policing and self-regulating. Many of our users have formed lasting relationships over the years bonding over their stories or giving advice so that others may find the person of their dreams. Coming in 2011, Thedatingdisaster.com plans to have a presence in 21 countries in 10 different languages.

We actively seek volunteers to serve as moderators, people to give advice, and in the future, guest bloggers.

In 2011, we also hope to start introducing The Dating Disaster" contests. We are also working on a video chat function so there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back to the site. If you have any questions, want to volunteer or offer any assistance by moderating the forums, helping with translations, or donating products in exchange for advertising/contest sponsorship please feel free to use the site's Contact Us form.