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One of The Worst Double Dates I have EVER Experienced!
JennayBabay69 Offline
#1 Posted : Sunday, December 11, 2011 9:54:26 PM(UTC)

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So..my friend Katie and I met these two guys on Facebook. They seemed like nice enough guys and such, so we agreed to a double date. We had never met either of them before. The night started relatively well, my friend Katie's sister Kim, and her boyfriend Jacob decided to go with us. The trip to town was one of the highlights of the night, jamming out to music and talking about just about anything you can imagine. The plan was to go lazertagging and go out to eat afterwards. While we were waiting for the two guys to get into town we decided to goof off at Wal-Mart. They kept us posted on where they were and how close they were getting to town and we did the same. We let them know we were waiting at Wal-Mart, so instead of meeting us at Lazertagging they decide to go onto Wal-Mart to meet up with us. They come up behind us and we are thinking is that them? Low and behold it was. We met for the first time in Wal-Mart. Classy. Now, looks are NOT everything, and my friend and I may not be beauty queens, but we sure as hell weren't interested in worm, and chubs. Regardless we ended up Lazertagging and that was a pretty good time. It was more fun amoung us who already knew eachother. Everytime one of the dudes hit us he would do a little "yesssss" and "tehehehehe." It was a annoying. I wooped everyone! So afterwards we stood outside in the cold fighting back and fourth about where we would eat. I never believed it would be that dificult to decide. I think we went through EVERY resturant in town! After we finally decided we headed to KFC, strange, but good! We went inside and everyone ordered, except our two dates. We sat and ate for a good half hour to an hour. Everyone was eating eaxcept them. If that was not bad enough, once the night was over we said our goodbyes. If they thought they were getting kisses they were literally insane. So, we hugged them goodbye and we got into our seperate cars. They surprisingly accepted our left over, and the second they hit their car and closed the doors they started devouring the food! In a way it was embarrassing. Like, what in the hell is wrong woth you. You sit there and watch us eat, than attack our leftovers afterwards. We busted out laughing when we noticed. They text us immediately after we pulled out, asking what we thought of them. Of course, we responded nicely. After that, my date never text me again, thank the lord! But, my friend Katie wasn't so lucky, she had one of those resilient losers who continued to text her after she ignored him, and constantly likes almost every one of her Facebook statuses! You could say that was a top night. They knew they messed it up bad! Worst of all..neither one of them offered to pay. WOW. Lets just say we'll keep the double dates to her and I, and her sister and her boyfriend!
yondo Offline
#2 Posted : Monday, December 12, 2011 1:20:19 AM(UTC)

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Well, it's obvious to me at least... Chickens eat worms, so the first guy was scared. The other one knew you thought he was chubby so he was self-conscious. That's my take on things. I usually pick up girls in Target. It is much classier than Walmart. One day I may even try Home Depot or Bed Bath and Beyond! ;)
YeahTexas Offline
#3 Posted : Wednesday, August 15, 2012 1:13:20 AM(UTC)

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It's dates like this that make you appreciate facebook's privacy features ;)
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