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DWI: Dating while intoxicated
mm4 Offline
#1 Posted : Tuesday, May 24, 2011 8:13:13 PM(UTC)

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So, I had done a bit of the online dating thing, having met a few people from online and actually dated a couple of them for a while. Since I had already done online dating, and I had been single for a while, I decided to try it out again. I received a message from what seem to be a nice guy with his life together, so I decided to reply. After replying to his first message we began talking online for a while and then decided to meet. We made plans to meet at a bar and grill downtown in the early evening on a Sunday. So, on Sunday I got ready and headed to meet him downtown.When I arrived, he not only was not alone, but he had been drinking all afternoon with three of his friends. It was sufficiently awkward for me, since I was completely sober, and having never met him or his friends and I felt alone and embarrassed. He kept repeatedly asking me the same questions over and over and making comments that were inappropriate for having only just met him; not to mention there were other people involved in the conversation. All and all I just felt embarrassed and needless to say I never saw him again.
akosiubay Offline
#2 Posted : Thursday, December 15, 2011 11:32:14 PM(UTC)

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At least you realized that he's a scumbag earlier. Meeting him sober would trick you to thinking he's a nice guy. Haha
GiraffeAffair Offline
#3 Posted : Friday, August 17, 2012 7:22:49 PM(UTC)

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I've had similar things happen (though not as bad). People should always tell you though if they are bringing their friends to something you think is just a casual date.
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