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From the great wall of China to the seas of the Philippines.
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#1 Posted : Thursday, February 22, 2018 4:19:06 AM(UTC)

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Man, I’ve never been this ecstatic all my life, touring around cities by cities, meeting various races across the world. But, am I lucky enough? I think I could be merrier if I have someone with me travelling! Someone who’ll have the guts to go skydiving with me in the skies of Dubai, someone who’ll swim with me in the seas of Hawaii. Is there someone who can?

Hiking on the famous great wall of China and snorkelling in the seas of the Philippines are the activities left on my bucket list. I heard this romance tour which gives enough opportunity in touring countries like China and Philippines. Aside from taking this chance to tour the countries stated, I’ll be meeting Chinese women and Philippine women who are ready for dating and affection, I guess this is what the tour is all about. They say that upon meeting, I can talk and have fun with them like going out everywhere where the tour is happening. So maybe I could ask them to join me in doing some outdoor activities in such countries. I know it’s a little bit expensive knowing that two countries are involved, but as what others said, the more the merrier, the more you get to choose and your options are vast.

Do you think this is a good channel to have someone with me travelling? And what are some tourist attractions I could visit in China and Philippines? Man, I hate looking at reviews to some of those places, I need your opinion and testimonials! Thanks, Y'all!
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